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Galette Saracin

I love visiting Brittany, probably because it’s quite similar to Cornwall. And because the food is so delicious. I can’t go to Brittany and not eat a galette at some point. Preferably filled with gooey, melty Emmental. Mr Colonial Cravings… Continue Reading →

Spicy prawns and parmesan polenta

Just because a meal is quick and easy doesn’t mean that it can’t be packed with flavour. Soft, creamy cheesy polenta and sweet plump prawns in a rich smoky tomato sauce. What could be better on a chilly evening? I… Continue Reading →

Avocado potato salad

I seem to get a lot of complements about my potato salad. I’m not sure that I do anything particularly special with it, I just make it the way that mum always tended to make it. I do follow a… Continue Reading →


We all feel like we should eat a little bit lighter after Christmas but on cold, grey, dreary winter days it’s hard for me to get excited about a bowl of salad. I need bright colours, bags of flavour and… Continue Reading →


Cornbread has become increasing popular in the Colonial Cravings household of late. But we’re not content to settle for standard, plain old, run-of-the-mill, common or garden varieties here. No, we like to (and actively encourage you to) play with our… Continue Reading →


Mr Colonial Cravings is a sucker for an eggy breakfast and he’s particularly partial to any that involve rich sticky, runny yolks. Add to that some jammy roasted tomatoes and creamy avocado and you’ve got a winner as far as… Continue Reading →


Do you ever make something and then think “Why haven’t I been making this all my life…?” Well that’s how I feel about these. The bread is so deliciously soft and fluffy and the fillings are rich and flavourful and… Continue Reading →


Who say’s muffins have to be a sweet treat loaded with sugar? These are packed with yummy veg and tangy cheese and are great at any time of day. They make a great brunch addition, grab and go breakfast or… Continue Reading →


We’ve tried to make the most of our time living on this side of the pond and so we’ve been on a lot of road trips (I love a good road trip.) It’s become a bit of a tradition that… Continue Reading →

CREAMY AVOCADO PASTA with balsamic roasted tomatoes

  Avocados are just marvellous aren’t they?! They’re packed with things that can do you all sorts of favours. They help fend off LDL cholesterol, they’re packed with vitamin E to help protect your skin and even contain carotenoids that… Continue Reading →

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