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Coconut & cherry scones

Like all good Westcountry folk I certainly appreciate a good cream tea. A light, fluffy freshly baked scone, crisp on the outside and perhaps just a little warm on the inside is key. These cherry and coconut scones fit the… Continue Reading →

Fennel and apple sausage rolls

Sausage rolls are a Christmas classic. I say that, but to be honest I haven’t eaten a sausage roll (or any kind of meat for that matter) for over 20 years. But never the less they certainly make an appearance… Continue Reading →

Chipotle lime popcorn

When we were living in the States we used to visit Philadelphia quite often and we’d always stay at the same hotel, which served complimentary wine in the lobby every evening. This may have been why we always chose that… Continue Reading →

Lemongrass and ginger prawn cakes

Succulent and aromatic, these little prawns cakes make a delicious appetiser or a great addition to any Asian soup or noodle dish if you’re in the market for something more substantial. They’re pretty easy to whip up with the help… Continue Reading →

Paneer fritters

Despite all the cooking that I do I’m still too scared to deep-fry anything. I’m an incredibly clumsy person who’s forever bumping into or dropping things so the idea of having a pot of boiling oil on the stove just… Continue Reading →

Saffron honey biscuits

As our time living in America draws to a close I’ve been thinking about the way that I’ve been influenced by the food that I’ve eaten since I’ve been here. And whilst I will never understand why the cheese is… Continue Reading →

Fresh peach buttermilk cake

Sometimes you get ingredients that are so good you just have to use them in something that will really show them off. I happened to get some free-range eggs which were just wonderful, they were so rich and flavourful and… Continue Reading →


Regular readers may know by now that I love a bit of hedgerow foraging, especially at this time of year. I used to love picking blackberries in Cornwall with my Grandma until my fingers (and probably my mouth) were stained… Continue Reading →


My love affair with Southern food continues with these little treats, something which I have only ever seen in Charleston S.C. These are crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle with lots of rich sesame flavour. They’re like… Continue Reading →


Cornbread has become increasing popular in the Colonial Cravings household of late. But we’re not content to settle for standard, plain old, run-of-the-mill, common or garden varieties here. No, we like to (and actively encourage you to) play with our… Continue Reading →

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