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Chocolate and cherry croissant bread and butter pudding.

If anyone can think of a catchier name for this then I would love to hear it. It is a bit of a mouthful, no pun intended. I’ve met quite a few Americans who find the fact that we Brits… Continue Reading →

Blackcurrant and clotted cream cheesecake

When I was little a battle would be waged every summer in our garden between my mum and the resident blackbirds over who was going to get to the blackcurrants first once they reached peak ripeness. On the occasions when… Continue Reading →

Sour cherry and cinnamon jam

I’ve told you before about how much I love cherries. I’ve probably mentioned the tears that ensued when I swallowed a cherry stone as a child and my dad told me a cherry tree would grow out of my head…. Continue Reading →

Windfall apple butter

I’ve returned to the UK and I’m overjoyed at having a garden again, even if it is going to take a lot of work to sort out how over grown it has become. One of the best things about my… Continue Reading →

Sweet Cucumber Pickle

Today’s Colonial Cravings contribution from the Facebook community comes courtesy of Katy. This is a lovely summery sounding pickle recipe that her granny used to make, which makes it particularly appealing to me because in my world food and memory… Continue Reading →


Mr Colonial Cravings here, writing a guest post on my wonderful wife’s excellent blog! (you see I get to benefit from the fruits of Mrs Colonial Cravings efforts, so I really do think it’s excellent!) A few years ago, while… Continue Reading →


This was made purely as a way of using things up. Whilst rummaging in my overfilled fruit bowl I discovered some slightly geriatric peaches, not too far gone but the skins were certainly starting to get the sort of wrinkles… Continue Reading →


  Jam isn’t hard work. I think a lot of people assume that it is and are bit scared of making their own. It’s actually pretty quick and if you use homegrown or foraged fruit it’s pretty cheap too. I’ve… Continue Reading →


I’m a big fan of chili jams and jellies, more so than hot sauces (with the exception of chipotle, to which I am wholly addicted). I really like the touch of sweetness followed by the gentle warmth of the spice…. Continue Reading →


America doesn’t seem to do mince pies at Christmas. Cookies appear to be the festive baking classic on this side of the pond. I’ve never been a particular fan of mince pies – unless I can pry off the pastry… Continue Reading →

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