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Banging Green Beans

I think there’s a tendency, when you’re cooking for people who don’t eat meat, to feel like you have to ‘replace’ that element of a meal. I don’t agree, obviously I don’t want to lose the protein from my diet… Continue Reading →

Petit praline tarts

How about these for a sweet treat? Crisp little pastry shells filled to the brim with homemade chocolate and caramelised hazelnut ganache. You know you wouldn’t be able to say ‘no’ to one of these (or two, or three). The… Continue Reading →

Apricot, cardamom and honey ice cream (no-churn)

These are flavours which are just made to go together. They’re fragrant and exotic and generally a delicious combination. Cardamom is one of my favourite spices. I do love a no-churn ice cream recipe too, they’re always so quick and… Continue Reading →

Praline and cream cake

It wasn’t until I travelled to Charleston SC that I thought of praline being anything more than the chocolate seashells that Mr Colonial Cravings receives for Christmas every year. But in Charleston we tried some very tasty crunchy little clusters… Continue Reading →

Cherry and pistachio muffins

I think cherry and pistachio might be two of my favourite things. They’re delicious alone but even better together. Freshly baked muffins are always hard for me to resist too, they’re so warm and light and fluffy. They’re also really… Continue Reading →

Raspberry mojito cake

This amazing cake comes from Jax over at the Colonial Cravings facebook community and doesn’t it just look so good?! Jax is a dab hand when it comes to cake making and her decorating skills are second to none. Seriously… Continue Reading →

Retro Viking salad

Even my mum is getting involved in my summer of community posts! She’s not actually part of the Facebook community though (she’s too hip to use Facebook, she prefers Twitter!) but she’s taught me waaaay more about cooking than GCSE… Continue Reading →

Malted nut pancakes

So I’m on a mission to use up all the bits and bobs that are left in my pantry before our imminent move back to the UK. That’s how this epic breakfast treat occurred. I had half a jar of… Continue Reading →

Maple bourbon buttercrunch

I hadn’t heard of buttercrunch until our last trip to Vermont, where we stayed in a hotel that put a little box of it on our pillow at night. It’s not as hard as toffee, I suppose it’s a little… Continue Reading →

Harissa, apricot and pistachio mackerel fishcakes

Spicy fishcakes with sweet apricots coated in fragrant pistachios. Good fresh mackerel has very rich, almost creamy, meaty flesh and it pairs well with slightly tart fruit (and I don’t just mean a quick squeeze of lemon juice). I once… Continue Reading →

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