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Raspberry creme drip cake

If a party without cake is just a meeting then serving up this really would make it a celebration! I’ve made this cake a couple of times now and it’s always very well received, it looks impressive before you’ve even… Continue Reading →


If you follow any of my social media accounts then you probably know that I went on a little trip to Lille in France a few weeks ago. Lille has some fantastic restaurants (my main motivation for going) and it’s… Continue Reading →

Lime, thyme and elderflower meringue pie

I know what you’re thinking, ‘lemon meringue pie is a classic, you don’t need to mess around with it.’ But I say a change is as good as a rest so why not try something a little bit different? This… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and custard frozen terrine

My oh my! What a pud this is! You can keep your fancy tubs of ice cream, I’ll have this please. Home made ice cream always tastes so much more wonderful than anything you buy, no matter how much money… Continue Reading →

Orange, almond and raspberry roulade

Last year I was all about my gin & lemon tart but this may well be my new favourite summer dessert. It’s indulgent and rich without being even the tiniest bit heavy. The sponge is wonderfully light and fluffy whilst… Continue Reading →

Cappuccino meringue kisses

You know what I’m like for ending up with egg whites sitting in tiny pots in my fridge and freezer. I always embark on something egg-yolk based thinking that I’ll find some way of using the whites but then nine… Continue Reading →

Coconut cake with lime and soft citrus buttercream

BIRTHDAY! Birthday, birthday, birthday! Hurrah for me! I’m probably at the age where I should be dreading birthdays and worrying about entering a different age bracket on surveys, but the thing is…I REALLY like cake. Is it weird to get… Continue Reading →


  This is a Christmassy version of the summer classic, lemon meringue pie. I made it for my Thanksgiving dessert this year, I always¬†try to find lighter alternatives to the traditional heavy festive puddings that tend to be served after… Continue Reading →


My dad will always claim that he doesn’t have a sweet tooth. That is until you open a box of Malteasers. So much so that it has become a running joke that someone has to buy him some every Christmas…. Continue Reading →

BROWN SUGAR PAVLOVA with Autumn fruits

Our last guests of this year visited us for our first Thanksgiving. I have done a bit of research into traditional Thanksgiving dishes to give me some inspiration for what to cook on the big day. To be honest some… Continue Reading →

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