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Elderflower Tom Collins

The other day I came across something new (to me) and exciting called a tiger lemon. If you’ve never seen one then it’s got green and yellow striped skin and it should have pale pink flesh. (The ones I bought… Continue Reading →

Rhurbarb and ginger tart

This is a lovely seasonal twist on my recipe for apricot bourbon tart (you might have seen it in The Guardian). I love anything involving frangipane and I’m always striving to attain pastry perfection. My grandma made the best pastry… Continue Reading →

Ginger, gin and rhubarb panna cotta

Hooray for rhubarb season! I love it when these vibrant pink spears start to make an appearance. I’ve even got a couple poking through on the plant in my garden. They’re so cheery amidst all the gloom and grey of… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and apple gin fizz

I don’t really go in for champagne or prosecco but on special occasions it’s still nice to celebrate with something bubbly. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Breton and Normandy cider which comes in champagne-style… Continue Reading →

Bramble cheesecake

When I’m in the mood for a sweeter cocktail I do enjoy a Bramble. It’s like drinking gin and jam! As I’ve been picking so many blackberries recently I thought that it might be fun to make a Bramble inspired… Continue Reading →

Cocoa coffee martini

Mr Colonial Cravings has always been partial to an espresso martini but he’s much more of a gin drinker than a vodka drinker. I think we both feel a bit like vodka doesn’t bring much to the table flavour-wise. If… Continue Reading →

Elderflower gin & tonic jellies

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Unless you’re a responsible adult, in which case you should definitely get involved. This is not your uni-party-get-as-drunk-as-possible-as-quickly-and-cheaply-as-possible jelly shots. This is your pre-dinner cocktail turned into your post-dinner dessert. See, it’s… Continue Reading →

Lavender Greyhound

So how come if you mix grapefruit and tequila it gets a pretty name like Paloma (which means dove in Spanish) but if you mix it with gin it gets called a greyhound? Don’t get me wrong I like a… Continue Reading →

Rosemary strawberry shortcakes

During the peak of their season fresh perfectly ripe strawberries are just about the most delicious things that you can eat. And what better way to eat them than by indulging some strawberry shortcakes. They’re not something that you come… Continue Reading →

Pomegranate & Rosemary Shrub

Mr Colonial Cravings again with another boozy post. I had been threatening for some time to do another shrub and, when recently perusing our local supermarket I decided that pomegranate would be an excellent fruit to use in one. I… Continue Reading →

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