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Lemon and eldeflower cupcakes

I haven’t baked cupcakes in forever. I’m not sure if it’s because they went out of style a little bit or because I’m a pretty greedy person and I’d rather bake one big cake that can be cut into generous… Continue Reading →

Praline and cream cake

It wasn’t until I travelled to Charleston SC that I thought of praline being anything more than the chocolate seashells that Mr Colonial Cravings receives for Christmas every year. But in Charleston we tried some very tasty crunchy little clusters… Continue Reading →

Very Berry Battenburg

This is my fruity summer twist on a traditional battenburg, which is a very British cake. Much as I love marzipan I do think that this makes a lovely change. I’ve used fruit purees to create the different colours and… Continue Reading →

Raspberry mojito cake

This amazing cake comes from Jax over at the Colonial Cravings facebook community and doesn’t it just look so good?! Jax is a dab hand when it comes to cake making and her decorating skills are second to none. Seriously… Continue Reading →

Chocolate chili cinnamon rolls

These are so insanely good. Mr Colonial Cravings calls these Aztec rolls, which I suppose is a little bit less of a mouthful than ‘chocolate-chili-cinnamon-rolls’. Just as well, because if you make these your mouth will be way to busy… Continue Reading →

Coconut cake with lime and soft citrus buttercream

BIRTHDAY! Birthday, birthday, birthday! Hurrah for me! I’m probably at the age where I should be dreading birthdays and worrying about entering a different age bracket on surveys, but the thing is…I REALLY like cake. Is it weird to get… Continue Reading →


A well made classic Victoria Sponge is a thing of beauty, although I have to confess that I do always have to have cream or buttercream in my filling (sorry Women’s Institute). It’s all about the texture. It should be… Continue Reading →


We took a little road trip up to Vermont in October to meet up with a couple of our friends from back home. This nicely coincided with my friend’s birthday. We also realised whilst we were away that we’ve known… Continue Reading →


These yummy treats have a lovely rich, slightly sticky, moist sponge sitting underneath that swirl of thick, creamy, fluffy buttercream. I’m a sucker for malt and chocolate together and the subtle background of coffee really brings them together nicely. Because… Continue Reading →


Have we talked about how good my mums carrot cake is? She claims that she just slings all of the ingredients into her Kenwood chef and then tips the resulting batter into a tin before baking it but I’m sure… Continue Reading →

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