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Baked smoked salmon parcels

I’m not really a fan of smoked salmon. I’m not really a fan of anything smoked (except maybe chili) and I’ve made these a couple of times but I think that the salmon I used the first time I made… Continue Reading →

Dinky crab & chili pasties

Crab was a particular speciality where we were living in the USA. Hauled out of the Chesapeake and boiled up with Old Bay seasoning or turned into delicious crab cakes. It’s a delicacy back home in Cornwall too, freshly picked… Continue Reading →

Spicy prawns and parmesan polenta

Just because a meal is quick and easy doesn’t mean that it can’t be packed with flavour. Soft, creamy cheesy polenta and sweet plump prawns in a rich smoky tomato sauce. What could be better on a chilly evening? I… Continue Reading →

Apple and horseradish fishcakes

It might be my Cornish bias but I really think that when it comes to fish its hard to beat really fresh mackerel. In the UK it’s readily available and generally reasonably priced plus it’s really good for you. The… Continue Reading →

Harissa, apricot and pistachio mackerel fishcakes

Spicy fishcakes with sweet apricots coated in fragrant pistachios. Good fresh mackerel has very rich, almost creamy, meaty flesh and it pairs well with slightly tart fruit (and I don’t just mean a quick squeeze of lemon juice). I once… Continue Reading →

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