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Elderflower gin & tonic jellies

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. Unless you’re a responsible adult, in which case you should definitely get involved. This is not your uni-party-get-as-drunk-as-possible-as-quickly-and-cheaply-as-possible jelly shots. This is your pre-dinner cocktail turned into your post-dinner dessert. See, it’s… Continue Reading →


Dry January is nearly over, not that I was participating, I’m more of a ‘everything in moderation sort of girl’. But for those of you that were, this might just be the perfect reward for your abstinence.   My friends… Continue Reading →


A few years ago I spent a fantastic couple of days visiting Budapest with some friends. One evening we ate at a great restaurant called Menza where we started our evening as we meant to go on by indulging in… Continue Reading →

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