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Elderflower Tom Collins

The other day I came across something new (to me) and exciting called a tiger lemon. If you’ve never seen one then it’s got green and yellow striped skin and it should have pale pink flesh. (The ones I bought… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and apple gin fizz

I don’t really go in for champagne or prosecco but on special occasions it’s still nice to celebrate with something bubbly. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Breton and Normandy cider which comes in champagne-style… Continue Reading →

Partridge in a pear tree cocktail

My friend Rach set me the task of creating a recipe to make use of a bottle of ginger wine that had been languishing in her booze cabinet for some time. Not only does this cocktail make use of that… Continue Reading →

Black forest cocktail

Chocolate and cherries are such a joyous combination. You just can’t go wrong with it. You can however add to it. With booze! Cocoa infused gin with chocolaty richness, sweet amaretto and fragrant vanilla vodka combine with fruity cherry syrup… Continue Reading →

 Aperol and grape sorbet

  As you may know by now I am not really a fan of sparkling wine. In fact when we checked into a super-fancy hotel on our journey back to the UK from the US and were given a glass… Continue Reading →

Cocoa coffee martini

Mr Colonial Cravings has always been partial to an espresso martini but he’s much more of a gin drinker than a vodka drinker. I think we both feel a bit like vodka doesn’t bring much to the table flavour-wise. If… Continue Reading →


Give the Bailey’s a break and make your own creamy concoction. This isn’t quite as heavy as Bailey’s or as rich as something like eggnog but it’s still got a bit of a kick to it. It makes a nice… Continue Reading →


Put the fruit at the bottom of your Christmas stocking to good use this year and make one of these. I love this drink, it looks all sorts of fancy but it’s actually pretty easy to make once you’ve got… Continue Reading →


Note to supermarkets – if you make avocados 50 cents each I’m going to buy way too many of them. This in turn means that I’m going to have a lot of very ripe avocados to get creative with and… Continue Reading →


Christmas doesn’t officially start for my friends and I until we have bundled our way into a cosy pub and wrapped our frozen fingers around a steaming glass of mulled wine or cider. This is a great way to recreate… Continue Reading →

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