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Chocolate and cherry croissant bread and butter pudding.

If anyone can think of a catchier name for this then I would love to hear it. It is a bit of a mouthful, no pun intended. I’ve met quite a few Americans who find the fact that we Brits… Continue Reading →

Mango and passion fruit tarts

Who says custard has to be vanilla flavoured? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rich vanilla custard but I also like a change every now and again. Passion fruit works really well in these, it has a nice… Continue Reading →

Whisky and raspberry cranachan trifle

This beauty is what I’m offering up for this years Burns Night pudding. I know cranachan is pretty much just trifle anyway but when I was recently asked for a trifle recipe this is what sprang to mind and it… Continue Reading →

Lemongrass and coconut tart

Whilst we were living stateside I developed a tiny obsession with stopping at road-side diners on our numerous road trips for pie. I think I found something satisfyingly clichéd about it. One of the best pies I tried was a… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and custard frozen terrine

My oh my! What a pud this is! You can keep your fancy tubs of ice cream, I’ll have this please. Home made ice cream always tastes so much more wonderful than anything you buy, no matter how much money… Continue Reading →

Orange matcha tarts

What I actually wanted to do here was make a copycat of a green tea and yuzu tart that I once ate in NYC but it seems like yuzu is far less common in suburban Maryland (I was still there… Continue Reading →

Orange, almond and raspberry roulade

Last year I was all about my gin & lemon tart but this may well be my new favourite summer dessert. It’s indulgent and rich without being even the tiniest bit heavy. The sponge is wonderfully light and fluffy whilst… Continue Reading →


I was recently sent a newspaper clipping with ‘useful’ tips for gin (thanks Kath). Some of the tips were a bit silly, “why not use gin as an air-freshener?” Because I don’t want my house to smell like a 18th… Continue Reading →


  Mmmm creme brûlée…it’s probably my favourite dessert but it’s easy to get wrong. Sometimes it can be too thin, sometimes too much like a dish of cold custard, sometimes curdled. The best one that I’ve ever had was when… Continue Reading →


This is my 100th post! I’m a little surprised that my blog has made it this far. Although perhaps I shouldn’t be, I spend most of my days thinking about food, sometimes I even think about one food whilst eating… Continue Reading →

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