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If you follow any of my social media accounts then you probably know that I went on a little trip to Lille in France a few weeks ago. Lille has some fantastic restaurants (my main motivation for going) and it’s… Continue Reading →

No-churn tiramisu ice cream

I wonder how many different incarnations of tiramisu I can post on here? I think this is the fourth one but I’m sure I can I think of some more variations to keep Mr Colonial Cravings happy. This one’s so… Continue Reading →

Cardamom espresso brownie bites

Nothing shows just how much you care about someone more than letting them indulge in these delectable little bites of rich chocolatey goodness, rather than just scoffing the lot yourself. I’d forgotten just how delicious the combination of sweet chocolate,… Continue Reading →

Cocoa coffee martini

Mr Colonial Cravings has always been partial to an espresso martini but he’s much more of a gin drinker than a vodka drinker. I think we both feel a bit like vodka doesn’t bring much to the table flavour-wise. If… Continue Reading →

Cappuccino meringue kisses

You know what I’m like for ending up with egg whites sitting in tiny pots in my fridge and freezer. I always embark on something egg-yolk based thinking that I’ll find some way of using the whites but then nine… Continue Reading →


The time has come for Mr Colonial Cravings annual office festive hoopla. I’m not sure they refer to it like this but I think that maybe they should start. To say thank you for the hours of photographing food that… Continue Reading →


I have to admit that despite having been to Thailand a couple of times I’d never actually heard of Thai iced coffee until I moved out here. I suspect that this is because the only things I’ve ever drunk in… Continue Reading →


Mr Colonial Cravings loves tiramisu. It’s one of his favourites. I should probably make it for him more often than I do. These are a very cute dessert to serve when you’ve perhaps over-achieved on the main course. I always… Continue Reading →


  A great alternative to traditional Christmas cake, especially for parties, these offer a more subtle take on festive flavours. I’ve based these on the classic Starbucks holiday drink (in spite of the fact that I am very anti-Starbucks. I’d… Continue Reading →


We recently took advantage of a rare sunny weekend and drove to Chincoteague Island. Coming from Cornwall, nothing lifts my spirits like a trip to see the sea! Whilst we were there, in a brief gap between stuffing our faces… Continue Reading →

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