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Lime, thyme and elderflower meringue pie

I know what you’re thinking, ‘lemon meringue pie is a classic, you don’t need to mess around with it.’ But I say a change is as good as a rest so why not try something a little bit different? This… Continue Reading →

Blood orange, poppyseed and thyme cake

I love a good citrus bake. Pies, tarts, bars, they’re all good. And then there are citrus cakes. I think I might even prefer a tangy citrus flavoured cake to a rich chocolate one. This one is so pretty too…. Continue Reading →

Raspberry Whisky Sour

I actually created this cocktail to serve before our Burns Night supper but look at how pretty it is! It’s perfect for Valentines day too. I wouldn’t recommend using a really, really, peaty whisky in this but you should still… Continue Reading →

Clementine butterscotch puddings

Soft, fluffy sponge puddings scented with sweet clementines and liberally dowsed in a rich and tangy clementine butterscotch sauce. Now doesn’t that sound good on a chilly winter evening? And these really are good! They aren’t as rich as sticky… Continue Reading →

Brandy butter biscuits

I don’t know about your neck of the woods but near me, as soon as Christmas is done and dusted, all the supermarkets reduce the price of their festive goodies, usually to make space for Easter treats. This includes brandy… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and apple gin fizz

I don’t really go in for champagne or prosecco but on special occasions it’s still nice to celebrate with something bubbly. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the Breton and Normandy cider which comes in champagne-style… Continue Reading →

Chipotle lime popcorn

When we were living in the States we used to visit Philadelphia quite often and we’d always stay at the same hotel, which served complimentary wine in the lobby every evening. This may have been why we always chose that… Continue Reading →

Lemongrass and coconut tart

Whilst we were living stateside I developed a tiny obsession with stopping at road-side diners on our numerous road trips for pie. I think I found something satisfyingly clich├ęd about it. One of the best pies I tried was a… Continue Reading →

Lemongrass and ginger prawn cakes

Succulent and aromatic, these little prawns cakes make a delicious appetiser or a great addition to any Asian soup or noodle dish if you’re in the market for something more substantial. They’re pretty easy to whip up with the help… Continue Reading →

Spiced orange buttermilk loaf

I am aware that, as an adult, if I want to eat cake for breakfast no one is going to stop me. I am also aware that it might not be the best choice I could make. If you’re going… Continue Reading →

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