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Crispy tofu tacos – with avocado coleslaw

Before I lived in the States I only ever really thought of tacos as the hard, crunchy shells you buy from the supermarket and fill with chilli and cheese. I was utterly oblivious to the world of deliciousness which ‘proper’… Continue Reading →

Jalapeno-cheddar biscuits

Isn’t it funny how certain foods can transport you back to the time and place where you first had them? I’m sure these american biscuits will always remind me of our road trips through the Great Smoky Mountains in our… Continue Reading →

Dinky crab & chili pasties

Crab was a particular speciality where we were living in the USA. Hauled out of the Chesapeake and boiled up with Old Bay seasoning or turned into delicious crab cakes. It’s a delicacy back home in Cornwall too, freshly picked… Continue Reading →

Mexican hot chocolate puddings

I keep holding my breath and hoping for the spring weather but the rain and chilly winds keep laughing in my face! I’m trying to make the most of it by creating some delicious, warming, indulgent puddings. These little beauties… Continue Reading →

Curried pumpkin soup

This is the perfect way to warm up and refuel after a Boxing Day walk, and I’m sure that today we’re all in need of something a little bit lighter after all the indulgences of Christmas day. I’m pretty certain… Continue Reading →

Aztec hot chocolate

This summer we visited Ecuador on our way back from the US to the UK (yeah, I know, it’s not the most direct route!) I bought a big block of spiced hot chocolate back with me as an edible souvenir… Continue Reading →

Chipotle lime popcorn

When we were living in the States we used to visit Philadelphia quite often and we’d always stay at the same hotel, which served complimentary wine in the lobby every evening. This may have been why we always chose that… Continue Reading →

Warm winter salad

I really do love my veggies but when the chilly weather arrives I’m less keen on the idea of tucking into a fridge-cold refreshing salad. I always want something that feels a bit more hearty and nourishing. This vegetarian delight… Continue Reading →

Lemongrass and ginger prawn cakes

Succulent and aromatic, these little prawns cakes make a delicious appetiser or a great addition to any Asian soup or noodle dish if you’re in the market for something more substantial. They’re pretty easy to whip up with the help… Continue Reading →

Grilled sweetcorn salad

This is something that I’ve eaten a few times on our various road trips to the US Southwest. I’ve had it made very simply and turned into something elegant and fancy dressed with micro herbs, but this is how I… Continue Reading →

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