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Clementine butterscotch puddings

Soft, fluffy sponge puddings scented with sweet clementines and liberally dowsed in a rich and tangy clementine butterscotch sauce. Now doesn’t that sound good on a chilly winter evening? And these really are good! They aren’t as rich as sticky… Continue Reading →

Vegan banana, coconut and poppyseed cake

I can’t get over how well this turned out. I’m always a little bit apprehensive when I make up a vegan cake recipe, it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone but I do enjoy the challenge. This (in… Continue Reading →

Praline and cream cake

It wasn’t until I travelled to Charleston SC that I thought of praline being anything more than the chocolate seashells that Mr Colonial Cravings receives for Christmas every year. But in Charleston we tried some very tasty crunchy little clusters… Continue Reading →

Butterscotch apple bundt cake

As much as I love my usual apple cake recipe I thought that it might be nice to try something new. And yes, there are still apples on the tree in my garden. I always associate this time of year with… Continue Reading →

Chai caramel shortbread

I love caramel shortbread (you might have guessed as it was one of the first recipes I posted on here) but it can sometimes be a bit tooth-achingly sweet. Using dark chocolate spiked with chili, fragrant spices in the buttery… Continue Reading →

Miso caramel chocolate pots

Mr Colonial Cravings is a sucker for anything salted caramel. I think it might be because he’s a fairly indecisive person and it saves him the bother of choosing between sweet or salty. I’ve tried to switch things up a… Continue Reading →


Panna cotta is pretty quick and easy to make (bar setting time) and it’s always sure to impress. It can be such an elegant dessert. Darjeeling has a much more complex flavour than your average cup of Rosie Lea and… Continue Reading →


We recently took advantage of a rare sunny weekend and drove to Chincoteague Island. Coming from Cornwall, nothing lifts my spirits like a trip to see the sea! Whilst we were there, in a brief gap between stuffing our faces… Continue Reading →


As you can see from some of my previous posts I have nothing against a chocolate dessert. There are times, however when more than a few bites of chocolate can feel like overkill. This is my antidote. Tangy and refreshing,… Continue Reading →


This is the result of Mr Colonial Cravings telling me tales of the confusion that the British term ‘pudding’ creates with his American colleagues. Pudding, here, refers to a custard type dessert so you can imagine the alarm the phrase… Continue Reading →

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