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Garlic and herb flatbreads

When other women go to New York they head to 5th Avenue to buy designer shoes and handbags. Not me. I head to The Bowery and trawl through the restaurant supply stores. When we went recently Mr Colonial Cravings treated… Continue Reading →

Cheddar and leek soda bread

I know that for the last couple of years (whilst I was living in the USA) I’ve offered you recipes for sweet treats to celebrate St Patrick’s day, but this year I thought that I might go down a more… Continue Reading →

Maple tofu bao buns

I love these sweet, soft, fluffy pillows of dough but it’s not always easy to find non-meat versions. The last time we were in NYC we did a food crawl (what we do when there are just too many great… Continue Reading →

Mincemeat and saffron kugelhopf

I’ve said it many times but I’ll say it again…Christmas cake is not for me. Icing belongs in my food hell. I just can’t bear it. And the cake is just too rich for me, I’ll have a token slice… Continue Reading →

Malted teacakes

Can anyone resist a warm toasted teacake dripping with melted butter? I know I can’t. Home made teacakes (like most things) are far superior to their shop-bought cousins. The fruit is more juicy, the spices are brighter and the texture… Continue Reading →

Belgian buns

In the UK Belgian buns are always the star of the bakery window. They grab your attention with their shiny white icing and bright red cherries. Incidentally I don’t think that they have anything at all to do with Belgium…. Continue Reading →

Fig focaccia

I’m not really sure why I haven’t ever tried to make focaccia before. Maybe because it looks really impressive I’d assumed that it would be quite complicated and beyond my capabilities. But it turns out that it’s not really any… Continue Reading →

Savoury bread pudding

Do you ever get into that pre-holiday (vacation) situation where you need to empty the fridge before you go away but you seem to have a pretty random collection of ingredients in amounts that seem too small to actually be… Continue Reading →

Chocolate chili cinnamon rolls

These are so insanely good. Mr Colonial Cravings calls these Aztec rolls, which I suppose is a little bit less of a mouthful than ‘chocolate-chili-cinnamon-rolls’. Just as well, because if you make these your mouth will be way to busy… Continue Reading →

Cupboard love bagels

The other week I decided that I wanted to try making bagels. Right that minute. I raided the pantry for anything that I could use in them. I didn’t have quite enough bread flour so I topped it up with… Continue Reading →

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