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Cocoa berry gin fizz

Chocolate, berries and gin. I think that’s all you need to know. Well, I suppose there’s a little more to this cocktail than just that but they’re definitely the most important points. I’m a huge fan of the cocoa bitters… Continue Reading →

Mixed fruit pie

After so many years away I’d forgotten how erratic the weather during British springtime can be. It actually snowed on my birthday last week. Snow in April. In the (almost) South West of England. Crazy. Admittedly it was quite sleety… Continue Reading →

Blueberry and black pepper corn muffins

Sometimes you want to be able to whip up a homemade sweet treat with the minimum amount of fuss. It’s nice to be able to sling a few ingredients into a bowl, give them a quick mix and be munching… Continue Reading →

Bramble cheesecake

When I’m in the mood for a sweeter cocktail I do enjoy a Bramble. It’s like drinking gin and jam! As I’ve been picking so many blackberries recently I thought that it might be fun to make a Bramble inspired… Continue Reading →

Blackberry and custard frozen terrine

My oh my! What a pud this is! You can keep your fancy tubs of ice cream, I’ll have this please. Home made ice cream always tastes so much more wonderful than anything you buy, no matter how much money… Continue Reading →

Blueberry and lemon Viennese whirls

Mr Colonial Cravings and myself have been back in our little Gloucestershire terraced house for just over a month now. We’re more or less unpacked and the bulk of the re-decorating is done with but we’ve been a little bit… Continue Reading →

Very Berry Battenburg

This is my fruity summer twist on a traditional battenburg, which is a very British cake. Much as I love marzipan I do think that this makes a lovely change. I’ve used fruit purees to create the different colours and… Continue Reading →

Blackberry, basil and orange cake

In spite of a few chilly dull days when we first arrived back in Britain we do actually seem to be having summer here. Well as much of a summer as the UK ever has, and very pleasant it is… Continue Reading →

Berry avocado trifle

Avocados on this side of the pond seem to taste so much better than the ones we get in the UK so I’m making it my mission to eat as many as I can before we move back this summer…. Continue Reading →

Maple berry muffins

Some mornings nothing’s as good as a muffin. A bowl of bran flakes just doesn’t compare to biting into a soft, sweet, fruity muffin still warm from the oven. One of these and about a pint of black coffee help… Continue Reading →

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