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Crispy tofu tacos – with avocado coleslaw

Before I lived in the States I only ever really thought of tacos as the hard, crunchy shells you buy from the supermarket and fill with chilli and cheese. I was utterly oblivious to the world of deliciousness which ‘proper’… Continue Reading →

Locro de papas

Obviously Mr Colonial Cravings and I take any and every opportunity to travel somewhere new so we didn’t really take the most direct route back from Maryland to Gloucestershire. Nope. We went via Ecuador. I’ve wanted to visit the Galapagos… Continue Reading →

Avocado potato salad

I seem to get a lot of complements about my potato salad. I’m not sure that I do anything particularly special with it, I just make it the way that mum always tended to make it. I do follow a… Continue Reading →

Berry avocado trifle

Avocados on this side of the pond seem to taste so much better than the ones we get in the UK so I’m making it my mission to eat as many as I can before we move back this summer…. Continue Reading →


Whenever I make something nice Mr Colonial Cravings is always very quick with the compliments. When I make something he really likes he is completely silent. Because he’s so busy shovelling it into his face. That’s how it went when… Continue Reading →


We all feel like we should eat a little bit lighter after Christmas but on cold, grey, dreary winter days it’s hard for me to get excited about a bowl of salad. I need bright colours, bags of flavour and… Continue Reading →


During the summer I pretty much live off salad. Well okay, dessert and salad. Okay, okay – gin and tonic, dessert and salad. It’s usually too warm here in Maryland for me to have the desire to either prepare or… Continue Reading →


Note to supermarkets – if you make avocados 50 cents each I’m going to buy way too many of them. This in turn means that I’m going to have a lot of very ripe avocados to get creative with and… Continue Reading →

CHOCO-MOLE – Mexican spiced avocado chocolate mousse

I do feel a bit of a fraud describing this as a mousse. It’s not really as airy as a mousse, the texture is almost like ganache, but that makes it feel all the more rich and indulgent. And no,… Continue Reading →


Mr Colonial Cravings is a sucker for an eggy breakfast and he’s particularly partial to any that involve rich sticky, runny yolks. Add to that some jammy roasted tomatoes and creamy avocado and you’ve got a winner as far as… Continue Reading →

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