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Rhurbarb and ginger tart

This is a lovely seasonal twist on my recipe for apricot bourbon tart (you might have seen it in The Guardian). I love anything involving frangipane and I’m always striving to attain pastry perfection. My grandma made the best pastry… Continue Reading →

Black forest ice cream (no-churn)

I’ve never really got on with chocolate ice cream. I’ve always thought that it ruins both chocolate and ice cream, it never seems to be as satisfying as pure chocolate or as refreshing as other ice creams. But then I… Continue Reading →

Black forest cocktail

Chocolate and cherries are such a joyous combination. You just can’t go wrong with it. You can however add to it. With booze! Cocoa infused gin with chocolaty richness, sweet amaretto and fragrant vanilla vodka combine with fruity cherry syrup… Continue Reading →

Rhubarb and orange blossom crumble

Is there a more comforting Autumn pud than a crumble? All that soft sweet fruit bubbling up from under a buttery blanket of crunchy crumble, steaming and hot from the oven with perhaps a dollop of clotted cream or a… Continue Reading →

Rum roasted stone fruit

This is such a simple dessert, it really requires very little effort, but it tastes delicious and, if you get the charring right, looks really pretty. Ripe, sweet, stone fruit are rich with natural sugars which caramelise beautifully on a… Continue Reading →

Spelt scones with honey, almonds and chocolate

I’ve never tried baking with spelt flour before but I’m very pleased with how these turned out. The proteins in spelt are (apparently) more water-soluble than those found in traditional wheat so it tends to produce lighter and more tender… Continue Reading →

Orange, almond and raspberry roulade

Last year I was all about my gin & lemon tart but this may well be my new favourite summer dessert. It’s indulgent and rich without being even the tiniest bit heavy. The sponge is wonderfully light and fluffy whilst… Continue Reading →

Fresh peach buttermilk cake

Sometimes you get ingredients that are so good you just have to use them in something that will really show them off. I happened to get some free-range eggs which were just wonderful, they were so rich and flavourful and… Continue Reading →


I bloomin’┬álove these cute little cakes! So much so that it’s a wonder that Mr Colonial Cravings even got a look-in with them. I could have quite cheerfully polished off the lot. I love an almond sponge at the best… Continue Reading →


As much fun as cupcakes and layer cakes are, it’s nice to bake a slightly more grown up cake once in a while. This one is wonderfully fragrant and perfect for a summer afternoon tea, especially if you’re not a… Continue Reading →

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