I’ve never really got on with chocolate ice cream. I’ve always thought that it ruins both chocolate and ice cream, it never seems to be as satisfying as pure chocolate or as refreshing as other ice creams.
But then I thought maybe I just don’t like commercial chocolate ice cream. I like cream and chocolate well enough together so there’s no real reason why I should be so anti chocolate ice cream. I’ve also never met a dish involving cherries that I haven’t got on with so I thought it couldn’t hurt to add in a few of those too. Once I’d got to thinking about chocolate and cherries I decided I may as well go for full kitsch Black Forest gateaux flavour and add a splash of Kirsch and some almond biscuits too!

300ml double cream
175g condensed milk
50g very dark chocolate
25ml Kirsch (optional)
150g pitted cherries (frozen work well)
5-6 amaretti (crushed)

Melt together the chocolate and the Kirsch and then set aside to cool a little. Beat together the cream and condensed milk until it holds soft peaks and mix in the chocolate. Fold through the cherries and crushed amaretti. Transfer to a freezer proof tub and freeze until solid. Done!