Blood orange and basil gin

Before I start, I know. I know that this drink is just a great big contradiction. I know that blood oranges are at their best in the winter. I know that basil is at it’s best in the summer. And I know that I’ve used a summer gin that tastes so good that if you do buy it in the summer there’s a strong chance that there won’t be any of it left by winter. It’s awkward. A bit like me. But it tastes so very good that I had to share it with you anyway.

Sweet blood oranges, mingled with fragrant basil and off set with a dash of bitters create a delicious backdrop for the gin…

Blood orange and gin cocktail

makes 2
handful of fresh basil leaves
juice of 2 blood oranges
6 dashes Peychauds bitters
70ml citrusy gin (I used Green Hat summer gin)

Muddle the basil in a cocktail shaker to break it up a bit and add all the other ingredients and lots of ice. Shake for a few seconds and then strain into tumblers filled with ice. Garnish with slices of blood orange and extra basil leaves