I’d normally always choose nectarines over peaches, I’ll be honest, I have issues with the fuzzy skins. I’m odd like that. However, for you guys, I braved it! (honestly, it was for you, not the rum…)

I suppose this is a bit like a hard-core Bellini, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m really not a fan of Champagne, so I’d opt for this any day. It’s fruity and refreshing with a lovely spicy kick from the ginger ale.

Peach and ginger cocktail

makes 2

1 fresh ripe peach, peeled and stoned
6-8 large basil leaves
70-100ml rum (I used Flor de Cana Gold)
1 can spicy ginger ale (I used Gosling’s)

Use a stick blender to purée the peach flesh. Roughly chop or tear the basil and muddle this with the rum in a cocktail shaker. Add the peach purée and lots of ice and shake well. Strain into tall glasses and top up with ginger ale. Give each glass a quick stir, sit back (preferably in a sunny spot) and enjoy.